About us
Operational for twelve years, we are able to provide the best service and advice you want for your vehicle's exhaust system. Our team working onsite have over 25 years experience combined, in all make & models of vehicles, standard & sports exhaust. We deal in fitting your basic exhaust systems to designing the most complex customized systems.

We specialise in custom making all types of exhausts, including performance systems for all makes of cars, Standard bolt on exhaust systems, Custom built extractors and exhaust systems, Truck and Machinery exhausts, 4x4 Mandrel exhaust systems, 4x4 lift kits & accessories and Turbo manifolds.

We can assess the condition and performance of your car whilst you wait and take the time to discuss your options with you. We have close ties within the industry and excellent relationships with a range of reputable suppliers that allow us to access the latest products within minutes.

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We understand that not everyone is the same. This means many of us want different styles and requirements when it comes to choosing our exhaust. Some may like it more discreet while others are after sound and power. We ensure we stay on the leading edge of innovation by focusing on customer specific needs. We invite you to browse through our website and feel free to enquire about the ways in which we could achieve greater performance efficiency for your exhaust.

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